CHANGE. A word that has resonated across the doorsteps throughout the recent election campaign. And change we have now got. Basingstoke sees its first-ever Labour MP with Luke Murphy’s resounding defeat of Maria Miller. The wider picture for the parliamentary constituencies that cover the majority of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has seen the Tories reduced to just one MP, who returns with a significantly reduced majority. 

The signs for our council are encouraging. The residents' desire for change has shown a rejection of the Basingstoke Conservatives, their plans, and ideas. Not only have they lost two MPs, who mostly campaigned on local issues, but they have also been significantly reduced on the council. The people of the borough want a new vision for the areas they live. They are tired of the damaging rhetoric that the Tories in Basingstoke have resorted to and are looking elsewhere for people with a positive vision, and message, to deliver. 

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Now, I accept that over the last five years, the Labour Party in Basingstoke has faced some significant challenges. But I’m steadfast in my belief that we will, with Luke Murphy, and similar to the national party, be able to make a change. With Labour at the helm of the country, I want to show residents of Basingstoke and Deane that a Labour-run council can deliver. We will need to put that case forward over the coming years though. A changed Basingstoke Labour Party can and will win here again and with the general election over, we as a Labour Party in Basingstoke, will begin that journey now. 

Cllr Alex Lee

Leader of Basingstoke Labour Group

Borough councillor for Winklebury and Manydown

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