THIS gorgeous, partially-sighted, black cat called Pixie is looking for a forever home.

The RSPCA is hoping to find a special home for Pixie, who was rescued from a property where around 50 cats were living in an unsuitable environment.

Two-year-old Pixie came into the care of the RSPCA Hants and Surrey Border Branch in May after she was rescued by RSPCA inspectors from the multi-cat household where dozens of other cats were also living at the property in Reading.

Sadly, it was soon discovered that Pixie has retinal atrophy, a genetic disorder of the retina, which means that she will gradually lose her sight over time and become blind.

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The charity is now looking for understanding owners who can give Pixie the second chance at happiness she deserves.

Liz Wood, from the branch, said: "Pixie is a beautiful, sweet and affectionate cat who absolutely loves fuss.

"She also loves company and would like an owner who is around for a good part of the day.

"As she’s so friendly, she may be able to live with another friendly cat and obviously has lived with other cats before - the main thing is we find a home where she can be spoiled in a way she never has before."

Pixie will need to be an indoor-only cat or have access to a secure outside pen or catio. 

Liz added: "It wouldn’t be safe to let Pixie roam outdoors due to her sight issues but we would love to find a home where she can possibly have some safe outdoor access.

"It’s also important that the home is stable with little change so that Pixie can learn her way around even without her sight. 

"We are looking for patient and understanding owners who have lots of love to give and Pixie will return that love in spades."

Pixie could live with a family with secondary school-aged children or older and would prefer not to live with a dog.

If you think you can give Pixie a loving home, visit her profile here or fill out a ‘Perfect Match form’ and send it to 

The charity - the oldest of its kind, and celebrating its 200th anniversary this year - says the cost of living crisis has left rescue centres facing an ‘animal welfare crisis’ as animals are coming into its care faster than they are being adopted.

Readers can find out more about Pixie by visiting