A HAMPSHIRE author has released a new book called The Swish and has sparked a sustainable fashion movement for young people. 

Tash Bell has written a compelling story promoting creativity, confidence and the art of upcycling clothes.

The Hampshire author is more than just an author; she’s the brainchild behind a flourishing sustainable fashion trend for youth and offers workshops at Meadow in Stockbridge.

A former TV presenter and family features journalist, Tash launched theswish.co.uk to motivate and equip youth to embrace upcycling and thrift shopping as well as making their own clothes.

She said: "This is great for the planet - and kids’ pockets – sewing and crafting boost mental health, builds confidence and sends serotonin sky-high!"

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The Swish The Swish (Image: Tash Bell)

Tash's site runs workshops for schools, charities and young caregivers, sharing easy sewing skills and innovative upcycling techniques to transform old clothes into stunning new outfits.

It also includes rescuing textiles otherwise doomed to landfill, giving an opportunity to socialise, flex creativity and express identity.

So far, the initiative has seen remarkable highlights like 10,000 Girl Guides sewing across the south west for their Swish Fashion Upcycling Badge and a swish workshop residency at The Green Man Festival.

To support her work and engage young people around the creativity and fun of sustainable fashion, Tash wrote a young adult novel.

The Swish tells the captivating story of a 'thrift shop Cinderella', who battles bullies - and her family's financial problems - when she dares to make her own gown for the school ball.

The Swish has gained recognition with positive reviews from influential figures.

Comedian Dawn French said: "Properly interesting – a teen novel about creativity, confidence and upcycling clothes. About time!"

Lorraine Candy, Sunday Times Bestseller, mentioned that it was a 'lovely read for teens and helping a wonderful project which teaches young people to sew and upcycle'.

Tash calls her novel a 'funny, poignant feel-good read that brings out the Pretty in Pink in all of us' whilst tackling the critical issue of sustainable fashion.

The Swish costs £8.99 and can be bought from Amazon.