THE Conservative candidate for Basingstoke has hit back at Sir Keir Starmer's promise to build a hospital in the town by 2030, saying that the Labour party has "not committed to any capital spending in Basingstoke in the next Parliament".

As previously reported, Labour leader Sir Keir told the Gazette "we'll get the hospital built," when asked if Labour are committed to sticking with the plan to create a new hospital in Basingstoke by the year 2030.

However, Dame Maria does not believe this to be true, and has responded to his claims.

She said: "Labour’s New Hospital Programme is fundamentally flawed because Labour have not committed to any NHS capital spending in Basingstoke in the next Parliament.

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Dame Maria Miller with Lord Nick MarkhamDame Maria Miller with Lord Nick Markham (Image: Newsquest)

"Starmer is saying one thing to local residents to get his candidate elected when his policy says the exact opposite."

Dame Maria previously outlined her concerns about Labour's lack of NHS capital expenditure allocated to the town to the Gazette when Lord Markham visited Basingstoke hospital.

Speaking at the time, she acknowledged that the Conservative's would not be able to deliver a new hospital by the initially stated 2030 deadline, however promised that one would be built by 2032.

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In a new statement, she added: "The Conservatives are continuing to deliver Basingstoke’s new Hospital, the Public Consultation is complete and funds are allocated.

"It’s one of 40 new hospitals, alongside expanding the Pharmacy First programme and building 50 more Community Diagnostic Centres."