DEALING with Motor Neuron Disease (MND), author Stephen Ross was inspired to finish his book, The Candlemaker's Affair.

Stephen had been showing symptoms of the disease for more than a year, with diagnosis confirming his condition just before Christmas..

Amidst the challenges, the author is aiming to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association using a fundraising page.

Stephen said his diagnosis accelerated the writing process of his book, adding: "Getting the diagnosis pushed me to finish the book ASAP, as I am finding that using the keyboard is getting harder."

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His book, mostly set in Basingstoke, recounts a narrative involving a man, his wife, and an oriental prostitute.

In a heartfelt introduction, Stephen clarifies "this is not a sex book".

The book is not about the tumultuous events it holds within but the fading generation it represents.

The readers, mostly born in the 25 years following the Second World War, can relate to the characters' experiences including redundancy, changing relationships, and life decisions.

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Stephen, born and raised in South-East London, began his career fixing radios, leading to an apprenticeship with British Telecom.

Intrigued by the potential computers held, he ventured into computer engineering in 1979, facilitating oil exploration industries worldwide.

He eventually settled in Berkshire, with a 40-year long career in the oil industry.

Upon retirement, he decided to lean into writing, leading to the creation of The Candlemaker's Affair.