CHILDREN from 150 primary schools enjoyed farming activities at a special event organised by the Farleigh Wallop Estate. 

For the third consecutive year, the Farleigh Wallop Estate organised the 'Schools Countryside Day' when pupils from four neighbouring schools participated in six activities including beekeeping, farming and conservation. 

A tractor trailer ride through the valley with farm manager Cian Flavin was a highlight for many when children could see the estate's flock of sheep and lambs while learning about the countryside and potential future careers.

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(Image: Supplied) One teacher said: "It is really important to our school that the trip was free. The coach itself costs £700, so an extra fee on top of this might price out schools like ours."

Another teacher said: "Many of the pupils who attended the day are in receipt of pupil premium funding, so these days enable those children with a cultural/life experience deficit to have different opportunities."

The estate plans to host another 'Schools Countryside Day' in May 2025.

Interested schools are encouraged to express their interest via the following email address: