ELSPETH Dutch, famed horn leader of the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, will perform at The Anvil this weekend. 

Teaming up with the Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra, Dutch is expected to deliver a mesmerising performance at the concert on Saturday, June 22, at 7.30pm.

Her recent horn solo in Ravel's Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte was said to be "immaculate" by The Times newspaper.

The evening will also feature an appearance by Buddy, an autism assistance dog celebrated for his presence on the television show, This Morning.

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Buddy and, right, Elspeth Dutch (Image: Supplied) Buddy will greet and welcome guests in the reception area, accompanied by one of his fellow canines.

Members of the orchestra have become accustomed to seeing Buddy attend their rehearsals.

His characteristic barks have brought unexpected moments of levity to the sessions, particularly those related to higher pitches.

His gnawing on a bone has also oddly contributed to the overall charm.

Stephen Scotchmer, the conductor, has found Buddy's presence particularly amusing.

Ann Henshaw, chair of the Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra, noted that Buddy has been making good progress at the rehearsals and had been adjusting well, in general.

Tickets are available from The Anvil box office by calling 01256 844244 or online at anvilarts.org.uk/whats-on.