THIS 'bouncy bundle of love' is looking for a forever home.

Three-year-old Cane Corso, Ebony, is looking for her forever home after more than 90 days within the care of Dogs Trust Newbury.

Ebony is looking for a family who can build her confidence as she can be a little unsure of new people initially, but she also builds bonds quite quickly, especially if food is involved.

She is extremely clever and loves learning new tricks, from an emergency stop to touching targets.

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Ebony is a 'bouncy bundle of love'Ebony is a 'bouncy bundle of love' (Image: Dogs Trust Newbury)

Dogs Trust Newbury is searching for understanding adopters who are happy to give Ebony time to settle in and build relationships.

Ebony would like a home that is in a quieter area and will need a secure and private garden to explore. She could live alongside livestock but will need to be the only dog in the household, although she enjoys dog-walking with canine friends, whilst out and about.

Ebony could live with young adults who are over the age of 16 and able to cope with her size and boisterous nature, she’s a big puppy at heart. Once she has settled in, Ebony has the potential to be left for up to four hours, maybe even longer with breaks.

Charlotte Smith, canine carer at Dogs Trust Newbury, who has worked with Ebony, said: "Ebony is a bouncy bundle of love who maybe doesn’t quite realise how big she is but will find new ways to make you laugh daily.

"I have worked for Dogs Trust for twenty-six years, and have seen many changes during this time. I enjoy being able to go on offsite walks through the woods or to the stream, as these walks are very enriching and full of lots of different scents which a lot of our dogs really enjoy.

"The main thing I love about my job is working with a variety of dogs and helping them on their journey to be rehomed, hopefully Ebony will find her forever home soon."

If you think that you could be a match for Ebony or to find out more about any of the dogs available for rehoming at Dogs Trust, head to