AN EQUINE therapy centre in Hampshire is to welcome prospective parents and professionals to an open day on Friday, June 14.

The centre serves as an alternative learning provision for children aged five to 18 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Stable Futures, which is located in Mortimer Common, concentrates on using horses and other animals to aid children in overcoming difficult and often traumatic life experiences.

A national curriculum-based non-private alternative to mainstream education, it functions with referrals from local authorities.

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The centre is managed by Amegreen Children’s Services, operators of children's homes across Hampshire and Berkshire, along with Haywards Farm School in Theale.

Parents of young people challenged by mainstream education, and professionals working with children, are invited to explore the value of biotherapy, or spending time in nature with animals, on the upcoming open day.

Joint owner and Director of Amegreen, Gary Carlin, founded Stable Futures after experiencing the healing abilities of horses.

His goal was to ensure more young people could benefit from this alternative form of therapy.

Home to horses, sheep, pygmy goats, guinea pigs and rescue hens, the centre uses animal care, horticulture, functional skills, art and cookery to help young people develop their confidence and self-esteem.

The programme at Stable Futures can be adjusted according to the length of engagement and necessity of an individual child.

Amegreen focuses on addressing various hurdles that individual children may face in accessing education.

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The Stable Futures open day will commence at 2.30pm and conclude at 4.30pm.

Those wishing to secure a spot at the open day, which will provide full access to all activities, are encouraged to contact to make a booking.

Stable Futures manager Emily Clayton said: "Equine therapy is a powerful tool for children who may have severe trauma-generated emotional and behavioural issues.

"We provide a safe space where young people can participate in activities with horses, ponies, and pygmy goats – or simply just be in the company of them! Our aim is to help them to learn about themselves, develop life skills and grow in confidence, ready for independence and the next stage of their education.

"If you would like to visit the stables, we would welcome you to book a visit to the open day."