A 48-year-old Basingstoke artist and mother of four, Naomi Escott, has transformed a humble satsuma net into a limited-edition bronze artwork symbolising motherhood.

Naomi's concept for her piece "Betwixt" claimed the winning spot in international art collective Assembly Line's Open Call competition for BA students at UCA Farnham 2023/4.

As her prize, Naomi had the chance to bring her idea to life in collaboration with Assembly Line, and the resulting artwork will be displayed alongside pieces from globally recognised artists.

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Naomi professes her work is a testament to 20 years of motherhood, where the satsuma net has been a constant feature.

"Betwixt" was crafted intricately, with Naomi dipping the net into liquid wax and encasing it in plaster, subsequently placed in a kiln.

This left a bronze loop, adorned with a glass attachment showcasing Naomi's creativity, influenced by her Irish heritage and the ancient Ogham alphabet.

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Naomi said: "As a parent you have one job; to keep your child alive. One of the ways in which you ensure this is to make sure your child is healthy and for most people if you think about healthy food, you think about fruit and veg.

"If you buy a net full of satsumas you feel like you are doing something good for your kids, even if you do then watch them gather mould in the fruit bowl…

"So for me, the satsuma net is a symbol of good parenting. It’s also a symbol of the expectation on mothers to be a carrier and container, but it can be impossible to do it well."