AHEAD of the bank holiday weekend, here is a roundup of the cheapest places to get fuel in and around Basingstoke.

At the time of writing, the UK average unleaded petrol price sits at 149.39 pence per litre, according to the RAC, compared to the current average supermarket price of 147 pence per litre.

The current average diesel price is 156.07p pence per litre, while the current supermarket average price is 153 pence per litre. Both the prices of petrol and diesel are forecast to drop, despite significant increases in recent years.

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Using data from petrolprices.com, we have compiled a list of the top 10 cheapest petrol stations in Winchester. All information is accurate at the time of writing. 

The top 10 cheapest places for fuel in Basingstoke are as follows:

Houndmills Service Station, Aldermaston Road - Unleaded - 145.9p, Diesel - 152.9p

Gales Garage, Aldermaston Road - Unleaded - 146.9p, Diesel - 152.9p

Tesco, Chineham Shopping Centre - Unleaded - 146.9p, Diesel - 152.9p

Morrisons, Churchill Way West - Unleaded - 146.9p, Diesel - 153.9p

Texaco, Churchill Way West - Unleaded - 147.9p, Diesel - 154.9p

Sainsbury's, Kempshott - Unleaded - 147.9p, Diesel - 154.9p

Asda Express, Grove Road - Unleaded - 148.7p, Diesel - 155.7p

BP, Grove Road - Unleaded - 151.9p, Diesel - 159.9p

Shell Winchester Road - Unleaded - 152.9p, Diesel - 162.9p

Shell, Buckskin - Unleaded - 151.9p, Diesel - 159.9p