PLATFORMS at Basingstoke railway station will be filled with the aroma of freshly baked sweet and savoury goods now that a new bakery has opened in the railway station.

The 'oldest Cornish pasty makers' in the world, Warrens Bakery, has opened its newest store at the railway station.

Located at the main concourse in the front of the station, the new bakery was officially opened by Katie Anderson, head of travel at Warrens Bakery and station manager, Alison Finch on Friday, May 10.

It is the Cornish bakery’s 39th store across the South East, the West Country and South Wales.

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Basingstoke Gazette: The new store is in the Railway StationThe new store is in the Railway Station (Image: Newsquest)

Warrens Bakery serve all sorts of baked goods, including pasties, speciality Cornish delicacies, and a range of hot breakfast items.

Customers can expect to find morning pastries, hot savouries, fresh sandwiches, plus cakes and fresh bean-to-cup coffees. 

Paul Denham, retail director at Warrens Bakery, said: "We're thrilled to have officially opened our newest bakery in Basingstoke railway station, which has seen the creation of six jobs for local people.

"Our expansion into Basingstoke marks another step in Warrens Bakery's journey in the travel sector as we continue to push further East and share our traditional and innovative baked goods and beverages with new customers. Our existing stores in the travel sector are thriving and we anticipate similar success in Basingstoke."

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Peter Williams, South Western Railway's customer and commercial director, said: "We’re delighted to welcome Warrens Bakery to Basingstoke, a key location on our network, as it opens its furthest store away from its Cornish roots.

"We’re sure that both customers and passers-by will take the opportunity to enjoy the wide variety of food and drinks available, especially their authentic Cornish pasties.

"Warrens Bakery is just one of the many new retailers we have welcomed to our network in recent months, building on the successes of new clients at Richmond, Weybridge, Wimbledon and Haslemere, with more to come both this year and next."

Warrens Bakery was established in 1860 in St. Just when two Cornish families, the Warrens and the Harveys, united in marriage. One family provided the filling while the other family made the pastry and baked the pasties.

Popularity for their Cornish pasties and Saffron Cakes quickly grew amongst miners, farmers and the local community. 160 years on and Warrens Bakery is the oldest Cornish pasty producer in the world, feeding families for generations. 

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