A COUPLE who have had a tumultuous housing journey have now found their dream home right across the road from where they could keep their two horse.

Luke and Nikki Bishop, aged 46 and 48, have found dream home that accommodates their family and horses at Redrow's Cromwell Court development in Basingstoke.

The couple, who have a 17-year-old son, had previously experienced turbulent housing situations before discovering the advantages of new-built houses.

Their new five-bedroom detached 'Hampstead' home, which they moved into in November, is conveniently located across the road from where they keep their horses, Donny and Prince.

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Unlike their previous homes, their new property is only 10 minutes away from their equine friends, a significant advantage considering Mr and Mrs Bishop and her identical twin sister enjoy horse riding three-times a week.

The new home boasts energy-efficient features, offering the Bishops more warmth than their previous homes.

Cromwell Court, which nestles comfortably amidst the picturesque landscapes of Hampshire, effortlessly blends rural charm with the neighbouring city's buzz, making it an ideal choice for the Bishop family.

Luke said: "What pushed us to buy a new build was a streak of second-hand homes that had a whole host of issues. Our first home was located next to a biomass incinerator, without us knowing! We had sellers pull out last minute as well as finding great properties that needed too much work.

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"After our third move we relocated into a new build for a short while, which opened our eyes to how easy a move would be if we opted for a new build!"

Nikki, an ex-jockey who still rides horses and does local shows, was particularly drawn to the development due it its sentimental location. She said: "After having a look on the internet at various options, we fell upon Redrow’s Cromwell Court development.

"This is an area I know really well, as the development is just across the road from where my twin sister, my older sister, my mum and I have kept horses over the years. My mum was also the one that pushed me to take a look at the development, so I knew this must be the place to be."

Potential buyers keen on Redrow's offerings can explore three new show homes at Vale Croft Woods development in nearby Farnborough.