FROM crafts shops to stage management, a number of local businesses helped to bring the second Basingstoke Comic Con to life.

The Gazette caught up with a few vendors and behind-the-scenes workers from Basingstoke and the surrounding areas on Saturday, May 11, to find out a little bit about the work they do.

One such business is Winklebury-based Daizy Chain Crochet, created by 30-year-old Daisy Delany.

Basingstoke Gazette: Daizy Chain CrochetDaizy Chain Crochet (Image: Newsquest)

Daizy Chain Crochet offers a wide range of handmade crochet gifts, from various themes, as well as jewellery including bracelets and necklaces and stickers.

Daisy said: "I started crocheting about 15 years ago, I have had chronic health issues for most of my life and I crocheted to help with that. I eventually grew the confidence to start selling it.

"This is only the second stall I've ever done, and at this time I'm selling a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and Stargate-related things, as this comic con has a lot of guests from Stargate. It's fun just being able to make stuff, it's geeky.

"I've very much been bracelet lady today, there has been a lot of friendship bracelet making, doing customs ones. I think Taylor Swift made this popular recently."

Readers can find Daizy Chain Crochet on Facebook:

Basingstoke Gazette: Samantha Dawn's DesignsSamantha Dawn's Designs (Image: Newsquest)

Another Basingstoke business at the event was Samantha Dawn's Designs, a Hatch Warren-based business run by Samantha Oram, 41.

Named after her mother who died, Samantha Dawn's Designs sells cushions, water bottles, mugs and various stationary items, each with her own anime-style designs of popular characters including Harry Potter and Aquaman.

Samantha said: "All of them are my own designs, I take a character and I anime them. It's my son's fault really, he got me into anime and all that.

"Our drinkware has been very popular, it is all stainless steel and dishwasher-proof."

Readers can find Samantha Dawn's Designs on Facebook:

Basingstoke Gazette: Euro Hire Light and SoundEuro Hire Light and Sound (Image: Newsquest)

Sam Page, 33, is the operations manager for Basingstoke-based Euro Hire Sound and Light, a company which helped to run things behind the scenes, including the main stage.

Sam said: "We have managed the main stage, and made sure the artists are happy on stage. We built the stage over two days and will have to pull it down on Monday.

"It's very different because we usually do a lot of theatre and festivals. This is our first comic con so it has been great to do something different. It has gone well, the key thing is to stay on time and make sure everyone is happy."

Readers can find out more about Euro Hire Sound and Light by visiting:

Basingstoke Gazette: Beelia HandmadeBeelia Handmade (Image: Newsquest)

Liza Bonsu, 40, Basingstoke has run Beelia Handmade for four years, specialising in creating themed shoe accessories.

Liza said: "I make bright and colourful accessories and they are a great edition for cosplay costumes.

"All of the accessories are machine embroidered and cut by hand, the bat wings are the best sellers and there are a lot of themes including Doctor Who and Ghostbusters."

Readers can find out more about Beelia Handmade by visiting

Basingstoke Gazette: Austromancy CraftingAustromancy Crafting (Image: Newsquest)

Alton-based Matthew Anthony, 28, runs handmade candle business, Austromancy Crafting Co, alongside his partner, Sarah.

Matthew said: "We sell nerdy-based candles in a number of different themes including celestial lunar and fantasy-based products.

"We get a theme or an inspiration and then create a fragrance that matches that inspiration. Sarah does all the crafting and I'm the muscles, who takes them out to markets.

"We make crystal candles for a number of themes including Dungeons and DragonsThe Witcher, and various role playing games."

Readers can find Austromancy Crafting Co here:

Basingstoke Gazette: Lumos PinsLumos Pins (Image: Newsquest)

Farnborough-based designer Amy Felton, 27 runs Lumos Pins, alongside business manager Alex Jones, 31.

The business sells handmade pin badges and keyrings, themed around the Harry Potter universe.

Amy said: "I'm a teacher and I couldn't find anything to wear on my lanyard at work, so I started making stuff and did some crowdfunding, and it blew up.

"We make a lot of Harry Potter pins, but we can't use that name, and we also make a lot of mental health themed pins which are all affordable, good quality and inclusive."

Readers can find Lumos Pins here: