FROM potholes to immigration, voters in Basingstoke have had their say about changes they would like to see after the local elections.

The Gazette visited the polling station in Chineham on Thursday, May 2, to ask voters what policies they are voting for.

One voter, Julie Handford, turned up to the polling station at Chineham Village Hall alongside neighbours Marty and Jean Wilde.

Julie shared her opinions on environmental concerns she has, and explained how she is voting for the party that she believes can best fix these issues in Basingstoke.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Julie Handford (left) Marty Wilde (centre) and Jean Wilde (right)Julie Handford (left) Marty Wilde (centre) and Jean Wilde (right) (Image: Newsquest)

Julie told the Gazette: "The policies I'm voting for are green issues, conservation, protecting biodiversity from housing and keeping the River Loddon clean.

"I tend to vote differently in the local elections to the national ones as there are different issues that I care about and what I tend to look for locally is different to nationally."

Jean said: "It would be nice if the council could have more of a green attitude towards building of houses."

Matt and Tracey Charlton also went to the polling station at Chineham Village Hall. Matt said: "I want to vote for someone that cares about us in Chineham. I'm voting Green."

He continued: "The new McDonald's opening in Chineham is going to be open 24 hours and no residents were consulted.

"Housing is also a policy we care about, it's hard to find anywhere affordable to live, especially if you're young, we've got a 27-year-old son and he is finding it hard to save for a house."

Tracey added: "We need someone to do something about crime, I've seen certain crimes happen on camera and the police have just ignored it. They need to increase policing."

Michael Worsfold is a lifelong Conservative voter but is now considering voting for a different party. He told the Gazette how he doesn't have faith in the two major parties to bring real change.

He said: "I don't think there is a cigarette paper's difference between the Tories and Labour these days. Their policies are almost identical. The Tories need a good kicking, to wake up to the fact they are not Tories anymore but Labour-lite, and Labour are now Tory-lite.

"The policy that matters the most to me is immigration, and if there is no Reform option then I will vote for an independent. Will Reform do a lot? I doubt it but we need to show the Tories they need to get different policies. Any decent democracy needs two opposing parties, with different views. We need strong opposition to keep those in power in check."

Philip Wheeler also turned up to vote at Chineham. His main concern was the state of the roads in the town, and how other councils have been able to fix the problems with their roads.

He said: "Blackpool recently did something about filling in their potholes. If they can do it, why can't Basingstoke?"