Shepherds from Berrydown Longhorns Society near Overton suffered a tragic loss recently when an alpaca was attacked by a dog on a public footpath.

The alpaca's injuries were so severe that it had to be put down.

The incident was reported to police when two constables from the Tadley Neighbourhood Team visited some of the society to give them some signs to put on their public footpaths.

Police have launched Operation Recall, an initiative promoting responsible dog control to help prevent further livestock worrying incidents, particularly during lambing season.

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Dog walkers are urged to keep their dogs on a lead and under control whenever using public footpaths in areas with sheep or other livestock.

Hart North Police posted on Facebook: "We ask that if you are using a public footpath and there are sheep in the area, please keep your dog under control and on a lead if needed. The shepherds advise dog owners, to be aware that even if your dog is ok with sheep, the sheep may not be okay with your dog. If sheep have had a previous bad experience the sight of a dog will cause them distress. This impact can be lessened by keeping your dog under full control.

"Now that spring is here we know that more dog walkers will be using the footpaths and we just ask them to be careful around sheep and other livestock.

"We have been told that most dog owners are very careful but some can be argumentative. If your dog worries livestock you could face prosecution and have to pay compensation.

"It takes a great deal of time and care to raise sheep and we can help that process by being careful. Enjoy the countryside, and hopefully, the warmer weather is on its way."