READERS have shared photos of their beloved pets for National Pet Day.

National Pet Day is celebrated on April 11, and Gazette readers have been excited to share their favourite photos of their furry friends.

From cuddly cats to playful puppies, we've put together a gallery showing your pictures.

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Sadly, we can't share them all, but if you wish to see more, head over to our Facebook page.

Click the image at the top to scroll through our gallery.

  1. Denise Staples' cats, Lola and Woody
  2. Laura Edwards' cat,  Saffron
  3. Lacey Cleeve's dogs, Buddy and Blue
  4. Tricia Ferns' cat, Eddie
  5. Penny Corper's dog, Pippa
  6. Tracy Church's dog, Daisy
  7. Reporter Matt Rooks-Taylor's kittens, Kanu and Freddie
  8. Clare Emsley's cat, Izzy
  9. Andy Oram's dog, Rosie
  10. Jasmine Wright's cat, Daisy
  11. David Field's dog, Bilbo
  12. Georgina Hampton's dog, Potter
  13. Roy Maddocks' cat
  14. Caroline Kelly's dwarf rabbit, Bailey
  15. Lauren Dean's rabbit
  16. Miranda Jayne Hynan's guinea pigs, Pumkin and Peach