A FAMILY-owned vegetable nursery in Kingsclere, which sees customers travelling miles to shop there, has reopened for the summer season. 

Ingham's Plant Nursery, in Newbury Road, opened its doors on Saturday, April 13, selling more than 80 vegetable plants including 13 types of tomatoes, six types of chillies, watermelons, gooseberries and more. 

Robert Ingham took over the site in November 2022, which was previously occupied by Cottismore Garden Centre before its closure in August 2017, saying he wanted to 'take back the site and regenerate it again'.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Jack (10 months old), Robert, Mary, Victoria, and Emmie (4) Ingham

The idea for the venture came from Robert's mother, Mary, who has been called the 'brains behind the business' due to her background in horticulture.

Robert said: "My mum was well into her retirement and found herself with nothing to do, it gave her a purpose."

The 38-year-old says he 'had a good response to the business last year' and had customers travelling from Winchester, Whitchurch, and Andover, despite a 'short-selling period'.

Robert and his family grow their large variety of vegetable plants on-site, from seeds to a 'semi-established' plant, making it easier for customers.

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He continued: "The more people that can grow their food, the better. Buying from supermarkets can be so inconsistent in size and taste, it's more consistent to grow your own food.

"It's good not only for the health of your body but your mental health as well to be in the garden, so growing vegetables is positive all around."

Ingham's Plant Nursery reopened today (Saturday, April 13) and is open six days a week 10am-4pm Monday to Wednesday and Saturday and Sundays, and 1-4pm on Friday. It is closed on Thursdays.