THOSE expecting to use the railway station in Basingstoke were left 'shocked' after a package was found leading to an evacuation with a police cordon in place.

The incident happened on Wednesday, April 3 at the town's railway station when travellers were warned that an alert had been put in place after a "suspicious package" was found.

British Transport Police released a statement, it said: “British Transport Police were called to Basingstoke railway station at around 8.16am today (3 April) following reports of a suspicious package. Specialist officers are in attendance to assess the item, and the station is currently closed while the incident is ongoing.”

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Basingstoke Gazette: Police at the Basingstoke's railway station

Although it was later deemed a "non-suspicious" package those who were already at the station were evacuated, while others were told to avoid travelling until the police cordon had been removed.

A Gazette reporter spoke to people outside the station after the announcement was made. 

Valerie, from Basingstoke, said she had been waiting about an hour and was on a train when she was told to leave the station.

She said: “I arrived at the station and went to platform four and they told us that it was blocked off. I went to platform one to get the next train. I was actually on the train and then there was this loud notice to say 'evacuate, evacuate'. We were told to come outside the station and down the steps and then further and further away, just in case of shattering glass.

Basingstoke Gazette: Police at the Basingstoke's railway station

"Somebody said someone had put a parcel on the train and then got off and left it. It’s a disappointment. I’m hoping it is a bomb scare as opposed to the other.”

Another passenger, Floss Huges, also from Basingstoke, said she had been waiting for around 45 minutes and was shocked to hear that a package had been found. 

She added: “I’ve been told that there is an unsuspected package actually in the railway station.

"They have had to block everything off and all the trains have been stopped.

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Basingstoke Gazette:

"It is an inconvenience but it’s better to do this to save peoples lives rather than to risk everything. It is just something that happened and there isn’t anything anyone can do but just be patient and thankful that we have these services helping us out.

"I was taken aback when I saw all these people. It is just not what you expect to see on a Wednesday morning. It’s a bit of a shock as it’s so near to the town centre.”

British Transport Police has since that no arrests have been made in connection with the incident.