THE Green Party has announced its election candidate for North West Hampshire constituency.

Hina West has been selected as the prospective Green Party Parliamentary candidate for the constituency of North West Hampshire in the next general election.

She previously stood in the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council elections, and has prior experience of working directly for the Green Party in Parliament whilst living in New Zealand.

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Hina lives in Whitchurch with her husband and daughter, and is a passionate advocate for social and  environmental justice issues at both grassroots and global levels with a  two-decade career focused on driving sustainability across the private, public and NGO sectors.

Hina said: “I am proud to be part of our thriving community and it would be an honour to represent my fellow constituents to ensure a bright, fairer and ultimately Greener future for us all across North West Hampshire.

“I am standing for the Green Party as I believe there is a better future  within our reach. Clearly the current set up is not working: the poor are getting poorer and the sick are getting sicker, all whilst the planet’s resources are being pushed beyond its boundaries.

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“And these issues are clearly prevalent within our local area. Our precious chalk stream rivers are being polluted. Mass housing development is being rushed to the detriment of local amenities and communities, with little consideration of whether the homes will be warm, let alone if they are fit for purpose and how they will affect our beautiful Hampshire wildlife and nature. Climate change is creating fluctuating weather patterns, flooding roads and fields and affecting farmers’ crops. The rising cost of living is increasing the use of local food banks. The list goes on.

“The Green Party is the only voice that truly understands the full potential ahead for us, economically, environmentally and socially, offering green solutions that will improve lives of families and communities, not just quick fixes or for the benefit of a few.

“I am proud to be standing for the Green Party, and I thank all the Party members for their ongoing support for me taking on this role. Vote Green to make an actual difference for us all and for future generations to come.”