I RECENTLY took a trip to one of the town's lesser-known watering holes, and this is what I thought.

While it may not exactly be a secret, or technically a pub, this family-run establishment is certainly one of the hidden gems near Basingstoke.

Dummer Down Brewery and Taproom, as the name suggests, is a microbrewery based in the picturesque countryside at Dummer Down Farm, serving freshly brewed beer, local wines and cider, as well as a selection of soft drinks.

One thing that makes this place so unique is the beer offerings, you won't find many of these in your average local.

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Basingstoke Gazette: The many beverages on offerThe many beverages on offer (Image: Newsquest)

There really is something for everyone. Lager lovers can enjoy a freshly brewed pint of The Dell on tap, IPA enthusiasts can guzzle down a pint of Lammer and for those who prefer a sweet cider, look no further than Umbrella.

I went with my mates in the evening of Saturday, March 30, and I settled for a few pints of The Dell as well as one or two of The Ding, which is brewed at Double Barrelled Brewery in Reading, hence the name.

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The pints are reasonably priced in the current climate, The Dell cost me £5.80 while The Ding was £5.60 per pint. Considering these are locally brewed beers, they don't cost much more than a pint at your local these days.

Basingstoke Gazette: Freshly poured pintFreshly poured pint (Image: Newsquest)

The Dell is 4.7 per cent, and tasted very pure, while The Ding is 4.9 per cent and went down incredibly easily. I certainly had my fair share of both.

My mate Jack was drinking Umbrella cider, which he described as "very sweet and too easy to drink."

Another unique feature of this microbrewery is the food. There is a very spacious dining area out the back, which would be perfect to sit down and have a munch in the summer, not so much on a cold night in March, but we persevered. I would definitely suggest bringing a coat on your visit.

We sat down on the rather low benches, which are made from some of the kegs, which I thought was a pretty cool touch.

Each week there is a different food truck outside, providing a brilliant variety of delicious scran, from local, independent businesses.

Basingstoke Gazette: Incredible foodIncredible food (Image: Newsquest)

On the night I went, there was Indian food prepared and served by Chaat Food truck. I went for a lamb kofta which cost £14. It consisted of six generously sized lamb meatballs in a beautifully tasting curry sauce, with just the right amount of spice. It was served in a box, alongside some naan bread and that green yoghurty thing with red onions that comes with every curry in Indian restaurants, but no one is quite sure about what it is.

The food was divine, very filling and a little bit spicy. I highly recommend checking out Chaat.

After finishing our meals, we went back inside. The area where the beer is brewed is fully on display, and you are able to take a look should you wish.

Basingstoke Gazette: Inside the microbreweryInside the microbrewery (Image: Newsquest)

The main seating area is just in front of the bar and is incredibly cosy. There is a fireplace in the corner which warms up the room, keeping everyone nice and snug - just what the doctor ordered after sitting out in the cold.

Basingstoke Gazette: Interior of the TaproomInterior of the Taproom (Image: Newsquest)

I think the reason a lot of people won't have heard of Dummer Down Brewery is because of its location. It is tucked away in the countryside, down a road that you wouldn't necessarily go down without purpose.

This 'secret pub' is an absolute hidden gem of a place, if you haven't visited then I would recommend taking a trip to Dummer one evening to experience it for yourself - just remember to bring a coat.

The taproom is open from 5pm to 9pm on Fridays, and 4pm to 9pm on Saturdays, you can find out more about it by visiting dummerdownbrewery.co.uk.