RENOWNED British comedian, Julian Clary, will embark on a new UK tour titled A Fistful of Clary, with a stop in Basingstoke. 

Clary, regarded widely for his unique comic charm, is scheduled to perform at 46 venues across the country, including at The Anvil on Friday, April 26. 

The tour is envisaged as a creative journey where the comic brings forth new and spontaneous ideas on stage, evolving them into captivating entertainment acts.

Clary accredits this process as the core factor that deters any possibility of staleness creeping into his performances.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Julian Clary's new tour will be coming to BasingstokeHe said: "A tiny spontaneous idea one-night can become a 20-minute routine after a few shows", highlighting that these ideas can only be conceived when performing live on stage.

The tour is to feature a Western theme with Clary humorously placing himself in a macho setup.

The comic mentions creating an on-stage Western drama titled The Magnificent Seven Inches, for which he would select male members from the audience to form his posse.

Clary allays concerns by jokingly assuring that he has a psychic ability to pick the right people 99 per cent of the time.

Known for his elaborate costumes, the comedian is sure to get the audience excited for this tour.

While he remains discreet about the particulars, he hints at wearing a pair of chaps for the tour.

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His expected extravagant and flamboyant costume set for the tour is designed by Hugh Durrant, famously recognized for his work in the London Palladium pantomime.

Clary also shared his delight in returning to the renowned London Palladium, in May 2024.

Having headlined his eighth consecutive run at this iconic venue, Clary is sentimental about his connection to the Palladium, stating, "As soon as I walk through the stage door of the Palladium, I feel overcome with happiness."

The veteran performer also touched on his recent stint in Channel 4’s Taskmaster, reflecting on the experience as one of the most enjoyable in his television career.

Fans should also look forward to Clary’s new adult novel Curtain Call to Murder which is set to be released in October this year.

During the year, he is also continuing his performances in Jesus Christ Superstar and promoting his children’s books The Bolds which will be re-issued as a box-set.

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