CHARITY Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is inviting thrill-seeking supporters in Hampshire to abseil 100m down Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower.

The event, to be held on May 4, aims to raise funds to help combat loneliness afflicting the deaf community.

Participants will have the opportunity to abseil with timeslots at 3pm and 4pm.

The event includes a £95 sign-up fee and it is asked that a minimum of £120 is raised in sponsorship.

Basingstoke Gazette: Anne's abseil down the Spinnaker TowerAnne's abseil down the Spinnaker Tower (Image: Supplied)

Those taking part will receive a Hearing Dog shirt, and those who raise more than £200 will receive a Hearing Dog toy.

Anne Pickett from Fleet lost her hearing suddenly.

Anne, who is partnered with hearing dog Tegan, completed an abseil down the Spinnaker Tower to raise funds for Hearing Dogs a week before her 69th birthday.

"I wanted to do it to say thank you for my hearing dog Tegan, who has changed my life forever," said Anne. “You’re never too old to try something new, or that takes you outside your comfort zone.

"I’d recommend the experience to anyone. The views are exhilarating and the abseil team look after you every step of the way. The sense of achievement when you reach the ground is second to none."