A BASINGSTOKE councillor has voiced serious concerns about the safety of a junction in the town following yet another crash.

Cllr Simon Minas-Bound, former borough council leader, has renewed calls for action following a crash on Friday, March 8, involving a car and an ambulance on the A340 near Basingstoke hospital at the junction of Priestley Road and Aldermaston Road. 

“I believe this is the 18th accident in 15 months. Last week it was a police car and another vehicle,” he said.

The councillor demanded solution for the ongoing hazards posed by the intersection and what appears to be badly timed light phasing.

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He emphasised the urgency of implementing measures to enhance safety at the junction, citing the frequency of crashes and near-misses in recent months.

"The safety of our residents, hospital staff and patients is paramount, and it's clear that immediate steps must be taken to address the dangers posed by this junction," Cllr Minas-Bound said.

He highlighted the need for a comprehensive review of the junction's traffic flow, signage, and signal timings to identify potential improvements.

Additionally, he emphasised the importance of considering feedback from residents and stakeholders in formulating effective solutions to prevent future crashes.

"We cannot afford to wait for another tragedy to occur before taking action," warned Cllr Minas-Bound, urging swift and decisive measures to address the safety concerns at the junction.

"I'd like to thank those drivers who stopped to help during the accident. Their quick thinking and compassion made a significant difference in a moment of crisis. Their kindness and willingness to assist was greatly appreciated."

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said: “We are sorry to hear of the recent incident and hope no-one was seriously hurt. Safety always comes first of course, and we prioritise our resources to sites where there is evidence that installing new highway measures will significantly improve road safety, taking traffic volumes and other relevant factors into consideration.

"We will be asking police for further details of this particular incident and, together with a study of the collision record for the route, will consider if any interventions are required.”