WE took a look at the best and worst-rated McDonald's in Basingstoke, so you can be truly informed about where to get your Big Mac fix.

The Gazette has compiled a list of the fast food chain's branches in the town on TripAdvisor, with ratings and reviews to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Basingstoke currently has three branches, with a fourth being built in Chineham, and planning applications for a fifth location submitted for Hatch Warren Retail Park.

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Brighton Hill

Brighton Hill Retail Park, Winchester Road

Rating: 2.5/5

The best-rated McDonald's in Basingstoke is Brighton Hill, with a 3/5 for food, service and value, as well as a 3.5/5 for atmosphere.

One customer said the restaurant is 'a model McDonald's to visit' and one of the 'nicest' that they had been to, praising the cleanliness of the branch.

They said: "Really clean and everything in order. There was a lady on the floor making sure everything was in place. Hand gels full, services and other items full."

Another customer was unimpressed with the branch, saying they 'wish they'd not bothered at all', calling the place an 'utter sham and waste of money'.

Market Place

5 Market Place, Basingstoke

Rating: 2.5/5

The town centre McDonald's receives second place for its 'brilliant customer service' but 'unpleasant environment' according to reviewers.

One customer who visited the branch said it is "head and shoulders above any McDonald's, globally, I've eaten at as the worst".

Another has simply stated they 'didn't bring the hash', disappointed that the breakfast item was missed out of their order.

"Then the bacon and cheese flatbread was rock hard. They did change it but didn't seem to care," they continued.

Worting Road

Worting Road, Basingstoke

Rating: 2.5/5

The branch dubbed the 'worst McDonald's ever' by customers, takes last place, with one reviewer stating they 'saw the manager wipe his nose on his tie'.

"Don't eat here unless you like cold food" was the recommendation from one customer, saying the company 'should be ashamed'.

"I only gave it 1 star because you have to give something to give a review otherwise it would have been -10," they added.

Another said the branch was suffering a 'porridge famine' due to "still no porridge on offer", adding: "It ain't rocket science but they can't get it right!"