A NURSERY in Tadley has been rated 'good' by Ofsted following its most recent inspection. 

Miss Polly's The Hurst Nursery, based in Brimpton Road, was inspected by Ofsted on Thursday, February 1 and was given an overall rating of 'good', with the report published on Tuesday, March 5.

The nursery was last previously inspected in April 2018 when it also received a rating of 'good' by the education watchdog.

The report said: "Children learn to be independent and develop their self-care skills. Toddlers wipe their own noses, and older children attend to their own toileting.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Staff and children at Miss Polly's The Hurst NurseryStaff and children at Miss Polly's The Hurst Nursery (Image: Miss Polly's Nursery)

"Staff encourage children to put on their coats and shoes in preparation for outdoor play. All children make good progress from their starting points. Staff work closely with parents and other professionals to help ensure that children are well-prepared for the next stage in their education, including school."

The inspector found that nursery staff support children in following their interests, providing activities for the children which 'engage and excite', and that children follow instructions carefully and are proud when their efforts are praised.

The report said that the manager regularly observes staff practice, providing feedback on staff strengths and areas they can improve, adding that staff benefit from regular supervision meetings. 

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It continued: "Support for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is a strength in this setting. The special educational needs coordinator works closely with external agencies and staff to help meet children's specific needs."

The report concluded by saying: "Parents speak highly of the nursery. They talk about the progress their children have made and particularly comment that they have developed their communication and confidence. Parents are kept informed about their children's stage of development and have opportunities to contribute to children's developmental reviews. They say their children are happy to attend and that staff are friendly."

Nursery manager Parise Cox said: “I am very proud of our latest Ofsted report and would like to also thank the wonderful team at the nursery for their continued hard work and dedication.

"The paperwork required for Ofsted inspections was changed on Friday, January 19 before our inspection was announced, but we were prepared and ready and are delighted with the outcome.

"Thank you also to our parents and most importantly to our wonderful children, who make every day enjoyable.”

Miss Polly’s has also recently undergone a garden renovation, creating a new all-weather play area, featuring a roadway for the older children to ride bikes and scooters on, and a sensory area with a variety of different textures for the crawlers and pre-walkers.