PEOPLE are being asked to share their views on plans for a new hospital for North Hampshire. 

Thousands have done this already, I've got involved by taking part in the hospital consultation online to see just how easy it was to share your opinions on plans for a much-need new Basingstoke hospital.

Basingstoke was promised a new hospital in 2019 as part of the Government’s New Hospital Programme to build 40 new hospitals across the country.

But five years since that promise was made as part of the Government’s election manifesto, Basingstoke still does not have a new hospital and the project has been delayed until the 2030s.

Residents have been encouraged to take part in Hampshire Together's consultation on plans to build a new Basingstoke hospital. The team have also held a number of sessions for those who wanted to voice their opinions in person or virtually. 

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Basingstoke Gazette:

But just how easy is it to fill in the consultation online? I set out to answer that very question by filling out the survey myself and I was surprised and just how easy and straightforward the process was.

The consultation explains the different options quite clearly and gives you a number of choices to make about each point, varying from strongly disagree to strongly agree or very important to not at all important, an easy tick box exercise.

For those wanting to explain their thoughts a litter further, there is also an option to write down your thoughts in more detail and it also includes a 'do you have any further comments?' box at the end.

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All in all, depending on the level of detail you wish to go into, it really is not a long process and I can only encourage people to have their say before its too late.

It is more important than ever to get behind the Gazette's Build Our Hospital campaign so we can encourage those who have the power to make the difference to do just that.

We all have until midnight on Sunday, March 17 to have our say, so if you have an opinion it couldn't be easier than filling out the online form by visiting Hampshire Together

Now really is the time to have your say.