In his 85th year, Graeme Hewitt continues to lead the High Society Jazz Band, a jazz ensemble with more than 50 years of performances under their belt.

Performing in Theale Village Hall for more than 14 years, the band says it has been bringing in almost full houses at every gig.

On May 7, the band plans to recreate Chris Barber's back-line by welcoming guest Paul Sealy, an old friend.

The band now plays only once a month, every first Tuesday, at noon, to avoid late-night drives and to cater to its senior members and enthusiastic supporters.

Changes have taken place over the years, including the inclusion of Mike Henry, an experienced cornet player who played with Chris Barber.

The band's drummer, Steve Watling, has remained with the band for more than thirty years, providing 'encouragement' to the back-line.

Mike Bennett has a history with the band on double bass, Terry Hutchins with the guitar, and Mark Aston can be found playing baritone sax, alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet and trombone.

Andrew Clancey is the band's regular pianist, but due to work commitments only plays with the band once every three months.

The band's leader, Graeme, tries to 'keep it all together'.

Graeme's partner, Marian Warner, also gets involved with the band and it's performances, handling the door and collecting money, alongside taking care of the band's laundry.

Graeme takes on the ironing duties for the 12 sets of waistcoats.

Over the years, Graeme has done much to promote the love for jazz music, inviting top band leaders to guest with him, hosting big names such as Chris Barber, Kenny Ball, and Acker Bilk.

He hopes the band's performances will continue to deliver much pleasure to fans.

Many of the performances end up on YouTube, allowing people to connect from all over the globe.

"Difficult to get my head round," said Graeme. "Having recently had emails from viewers in Australia, China, USA and all over the continent.

"It is hoped that our performances will continue to give much pleasure, not only to the 70-80 who join us each month, but also to our world-wide fan list."

Performances at Theale Village Hall come with an entry fee of £10, and are inclusive of a free raffle.