THIS spring, England's Mary Tudor takes to the stage in the stand-up show Bloody Mary: Live! - and she's heading to Basingstoke.

The show is described as a 'gleefully vicious' comedic spin on the trials of a 'queenager', ranging from the trials of divorced parents and sibling rivalry to first crushes and burning heretics at the stake.

Written and performed by New York-based artist, Olivia Miller, Bloody Mary: Live! blends stand-up comedy with a coming-of-age narrative, spinning a tale that will 'resonate' with anyone who has ever grappled with the challenges of growing up.

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The show is produced by Part of the Main, a Pleasance London Associate Company for 2022-2024 and funded by Arts Council England.

Part of the Main is known for curating 'political, provocative, and accessible work'.

It has made its mark on New York City venues, including Club Cumming, Pete’s Candy Store and Caveat, and has previously earned the show an OffFest nomination for Bloody Mary: Live!

It was also shortlisted for the Les Enfants Terribles Award 2020 and had a successful run at the VAULT Festival in 2023.

The theatre company's track record includes productions like Fritz and Matlock, earning them two Offie nominations at the Pleasance, and a nomination for the Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Writer Olivia Miller said: "I’m thrilled for my favourite misunderstood punk princess to be resurrected once more.

"Stepping into Mary’s platform goth boots to talk about everything from boys to burnings at the stake is an honour I take very seriously, especially in front of a British audience that is perhaps more nimble at fact-checking me than American audiences."

The tour of Bloody Mary: Live! kickstarts at Gala Durham on March 19, ending at the Midlands Art Centre in Birmingham on April 6.

The tour will stop along the way at Proteus, Basingstoke on April 3.

More information is available on the venues official website.