HAVE you been wondering what the mysterious yellow boxes that have appeared on roadsides in Basingstoke are?

Many readers will have noticed the recent addition of several bright yellow boxes appear, seemingly out of nowhere, on roadsides all over the town.

A perplexed reader contacted the Gazette for answers, and we have found them.

Basingstoke Gazette: One of the mysterious yellow boxesOne of the mysterious yellow boxes (Image: Rooks School of Motoring)

One of the bright yellow, knee-high boxes is located at Queen Mary's Avenue. The angular unit appears sunken into the ground, with holes on the sides which are presumably handles, but also double as spy holes.

There are no identifiable markings or logo to suggest who it could belong to.

Looking through the side, the interior would appear to be empty, with a number of pipes directly underneath.

Basingstoke Gazette: Inside the mystery boxInside the mystery box (Image: Rooks School of Motoring)

So what are they? And why are they there?

Don't get too excited, they aren't a sign of an impending alien invasion, or a publicity stunt for a blockbuster movie.

They are in fact, temporary covers for telecommunication (telco) cabinets that are part-way through being installed.

Each unit is located next to a junction box, usually maintained by BT and other telecommunications companies, so this does make sense.

There you have it, mystery solved. 

The Gazette has contacted the council and BT for additional information.