TWO 'heartbroken' cats are looking for a forever home after spending four months in rescue.

The RSPCA is looking to find a special home for two cats with heart conditions, who the charity says are "heartbroken they haven’t been rehomed together yet after spending four months in rescue."

Three-year-old black and white cats, Domino and Arlo, came into the care of the RSPCA Hants and Surrey Border Branch, which is based in Farnborough, in October 2023, and the pair have been looking for their forever home ever since.

The cats were given up by their previous owner due to a relationship breakdown.

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Basingstoke Gazette:

The pair of bonded brothers, who are now in the care of a fosterer, both have heart murmurs. Domino’s is very low grade but Arlo has a more serious condition and although he doesn’t require medication at the moment, he will need careful monitoring and regular vet check-ups to see if he needs medication in future. 

Liz Wood, from the branch, said: "These inseparable buddies come as a package deal. We're talking about a serious cat bromance.

"They are such a loving and affectionate pair of cats. Arlo likes to play it cool at first, opting for a bit of hide-and-seek, and Domino is the extrovert, who is always ready for a round of cuddles and affection.

"This beautiful pair of boys are on the lookout for a purr-fectly understanding new owner as their heart conditions means they will require a tad more attention. We can provide any potential adopter with details to discuss with their own vets.

"Sadly, after 124 days, Domino and Arlo are still waiting to find love and are absolutely heartbroken that they haven’t been rehomed yet.

"They may have a heart condition but they have so much love to give. All they need is for someone to open their hearts and home to them and give them the second chance at happiness they deserve."

Basingstoke Gazette:

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Domino and Arlo would prefer to be the only cats in the home, and they’d also prefer not to live with dogs, or small children. They could be rehomed to a family with secondary school-aged children and older, and they would like access to the outside to be able to explore once they have settled in.

They are also looking for a patient owner who will give them time to settle in at their own pace.

Liz added: "Arlo and Domino are not just cats; they're the feline equivalent of a two-for-one deal on charm and companionship and we really hope to see them find a loving forever home in time for Valentine’s Day."

For more information on Domino and Arlo, contact the RSPCA Hants and Surrey Border Branch on 07880 547502 or

Prospective adopters can fill out a ‘perfect match’ form online and send this directly to the email address above.