THE GAZETTE has been receiving reports that mysterious orange lights have again been spotted in the skies above Basingstoke.

Several readers have reported strange goings-on in the skies over north Hampshire over the weekend.

Even former borough mayor Councillor Warwick Lovegrove contacted The Gazette to report the sightings.

He said: "I saw about 30 glowing orange lights in the sky, they looked like they were several miles away.

"They floated up and slowly disappeared one after another."

Last month, several reported sightings of strange lights, thought to be UFOs, were revealed to be the glow from a squadron of Chinese-style rice paper lanterns that float in the sky like hot air balloons, released by a wedding party at Audleys Wood Hotel, in Alton Road, Basingstoke.

Cllr Lovegrove, who now sits on Tadley Town Council, said he wasn't sure what lights were, but conceded they could have been Chinese lanterns.

Did you witness anything strange in the sky on Saturday night?

If so call Eleanor Stride on 01256 337433.

You can also email photographs or video footage to eleanor.stride