DOZENS of people have responded to the news that funds to build a new hospital for Basingstoke are not guaranteed after this was confirmed by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC).

The Gazette has launched a campaign calling on the Government to 'Build Our Hospital' and guarantee that the funds are there for this to happen.

READ MORE: Government confirms new hospital funding for Basingstoke is not guaranteed

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Here, we look at some of the responses after we reported that the DHSC confirmed that funds for Basingstoke are not guaranteed and told the government's Public Accounts Committee that the £22bn for the New Hospital Programme does not include those in cohort 4. 

Basingstoke Gazette: Stacy Hart, the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) borough council election candidate for Hatch Warren and Beggarwood, has launched a petition calling on Basingstoke MP Maria Miller to ‘prove’ the funding exists.

Responding to the news confirming that the funding is not guaranteed, she said: “This is a really important clarification following The Women’s Equality Party Basingstoke campaign on hospital funding and accompanying petition. Clarity and language matter, especially around an issue as vital as a hospital. Thank you to the Gazette for investigating further on this.”

Simon Preedy said the revelation was “massive news”, adding: “If it’s not lies from the Conservatives then it’s them seemingly being misleading or economical with the truth, which turns my stomach… I commend the Basingstoke Gazette team for pursuing this important matter further.”

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Sheena Grassi called for “certainty and clarification”. She added: “Without doubt, it’s absolutely vital that a new Basingstoke / Winchester NHS hospital is built as soon as possible. But this time firm foundations are required. Assurances and a pledge to the community that sufficient money is there for such a huge project, which will happen without fail in the time frame given.”

Commenting on the WEP petition, Margaret Williams said: “Basingstoke and Deane deserves clarity not half truths.”

Meg Cochran added: “It’s our local hospital and this money must be provided for in the Spring Budget.”

Glynn Neville described plans to build a new hospital as “nothing more than a good intention”.

David Lowe said: “We need the funding secured for the new hospital as Basingstoke is growing at an alarming rate especially over the Junction 7 side of Basingstoke.”

Also commenting on the petition, Alison Pinto said: “There has been a lot of talk about a new hospital, but nothing concrete yet. Photo opportunities or press conferences don’t build hospital. Ring-fenced funding makes aspirations become reality, not curated Facebook posts.”

Councillor David McIntyre, a Conservative councillor for Sherborne St John and Rooksdown, said there was a misunderstanding over how public procurement works.

He added: “It’s crucial to understand that funding, although earmarked, is contingent on the approval of detailed business plans. Contrary to some perceptions, ‘ring-fenced’ funds aren’t just handed over; they’re tied to achieving specific goals outlined in a detailed business case. This process guarantees that allocated funds are used efficiently and for their intended purpose.”