BASINGSTOKE Aquadrome users have welcomed a plan by the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to open a water and leisure complex at a new leisure centre to replace the current Aquadrome.

While most of the users agreed that the current Aquadrome is well beyond its best, they said they wouldn't mind if the money is invested in the current centre to upgrade the services.

Lauren Weller, a long-time visitor to the Aquadrome, expressed a sentiment shared by many.

"The current Aquadrome really needs an upgrade," she said.

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Having used the Aquadrome since childhood, Lauren highlighted the necessity for improvements, particularly in the pool area.

"I think the pool needs an upgrade, but the rest is alright," she said as she highlighted a desire for modernisation while acknowledging some aspects of the Aquadrome's appeal.

Paul Hyde, another regular visitor, reflected on the longstanding discussions surrounding the Aquadrome's future.

Basingstoke Gazette: Paul Hyde is a regular user of Basingstoke AquadromePaul Hyde is a regular user of Basingstoke Aquadrome (Image: Newsquest)

"There have been plans for Aquadrome for years and years," he said.

Paul added that he recognises the need for change due to the centre's ageing infrastructure and he would welcome the potential relocation.

"If they are going to move it just further down the road it's not going to make much difference," he said.

Zoe Martin, a frequent user of the pool, shared a similar sentiment regarding the need for upgrades.

Basingstoke Gazette: Zoe Martin uses Basingstoke Aquadrome frequentlyZoe Martin uses Basingstoke Aquadrome frequently (Image: Newsquest)

"I quite like it here. The staff working here are really nice, it wasn’t the case previously," she said.

"But I don't like it that they are sometimes increasing the price, but they don't really update the equipment."

In contrast, Sally Chandler expressed reservations about the proposed relocation of the Aquadrome.

"It could do with a little bit of revamp," she said, while sharing the sentiment for upgrades.

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However, Sally remained uncertain about the prospect of moving the centre to a new location, reflecting concerns shared by some members of the community regarding potential disruptions or inconveniences associated with the relocation.

Others, who didn't want their name shared, expressed concern about the four-year wait for the new centre.

They also said it would be disappointing if the council closed the current centre before opening the new one.