COMEDIAN Jane Godley will be bringing her emotive and hilarious new show Not Dead Yet to Basingstoke. 

An ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2021 forced Jane to cancel a string of tour dates, and she went on to undergo a hysterectomy and treatment that proved, for a time, successful.

Since that time, however, her cancer has returned, and so, there will be voiceovers and anecdotes, straight from the woman who wouldn't die or shut up.

Jane said: “The past few years has been like a giant “Wordle” game that has swept the nation, I went from “cancel to cancer” in six weeks.

Basingstoke Gazette: Jane Godley will be bringing her emotive and hilarious brand-new show Not Dead Yet to

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"No, I didn’t smack a man live at the Oscars, in front of millions of people, but I have apologised profusely for historic offensive tweets from over 11 years ago and ended up as the torn worn out pass the parcel for tribal politics in Scotland. All my own doing, but now it’s time to laugh, live and celebrate after dealing this dreadful disease.  

“I suffered severe mental illness during the online onslaught and whilst on my tour in 2021, I found a giant tumour in my ovary giblets and had to fight to stay alive. Never one for the conventional path in life, I am still not dead yet and bringing my tour back on the road. So many stories of heart-warming love and outpouring of support to the occasional daily messages hoping I might die soon because … well I am a woman who answered back.”

Janey Godley is 'still alive, by popular demand' and will be bringing the show to The Haymarket on Sunday, February 11.

Tickets are priced at £27.

The show is suitable for ages 16 and over. Contact the Anvil Arts box office on 01256 844244 or visit for more information.