A BASINGSTOKE fitness instructor who kept her classes going in her garage during lockdown is hoping to bring joy to people’s lives this year with an exercise class with a twist.

Jenna Harris launched Choreofit in 2015 following the birth of her first child, and the business has gone from strength-to-strength since.

The mum-of-two now runs a variety of classes in Basingstoke for all ages, including popular classes involving dance moves, glow sticks and light-up tambourines.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Jenna (left) and right with some of her class membersThe unique Soulsa classes offer participants the chance to enjoy a feel-good low-impact workout with easy-to-follow steps. With the lights turned off, attendees use mini LED flashing tambourines to add to the fun atmosphere and disco vibe, with music including current chart hits, salsa, pop, and 80s classics.

Other classes include MegaMixFit where participants can dance and sing along to their favourite tunes; and the total body aerobic workout Clubbercise where those attending can reminisce the good old days with a mix of club classics and the latest floor-fillers accompanied by glow sticks and easy-to-learn dance routines.

Jenna also offers classes for children and over-55s.

The 39-year-old from Popley completed a Clubbercise instructor course in London in 2015 and launched her business in Basingstoke after, making it work around looking after her two children.

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Jenna became a licensed instructor in Pound Fitness, Zumba, Step and DDmix, but had to change her plans at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Determined not to let her business fail, Jenna continued her classes on Zoom in her garage at home.

“It was obviously a very hard time for everyone but I made sure everyone joining in with me could forget about it all for a little while and feel like we were back together,” she said.

She took her classes into a car park when Covid-19 restrictions lifted, before eventually returning to indoor classes.

Recalling the incredible moment everyone was reunited, Jenna said: “It felt amazing and the smiles on people’s faces beamed.”

Now, she is proud to have built a community with her Basingstoke classes and organises charity events throughout the year raising money for good causes including MIND, Children In Need and Southampton hospital’s neonatal department, as well as organising a Christmas party night for her members.

She said: “I love teaching all of my classes and it’s so nice to see all of the friendships that have been created through my classes.

“I always say to people the hardest thing is walking through the door especially if you are coming to your first class on your own, but once you are through that door you will see how much fun we have and how nice everyone is.

“I know every instructor will probably say this but I honestly do think I have the best group of people at my classes. They welcome everyone who is new, they will go and make friends with people who may be on their own, they encourage people to keep going but most of all they laugh and have so much fun.”

For more information visit choreofit.co.uk.