A BASINGSTOKE mum-of-three is on the brink of achieving something extraordinary.

Katherine Antrobus, from Old Basing, along with two other remarkable women – Hatty Carder and Bobbie Mellor – are getting ready to complete a challenging journey across the Atlantic, aiming to make a significant impact on the fight against climate change.

They are likely to break the world record for the fastest trio of women rowing the Atlantic.

The trio, collectively known as the WaveBreakers, embarked on the 3000-mile journey from La Gomera in the Canary Islands on December 13, in a remarkable display of strength, resilience, and a commitment to environmental causes.

They are hoping to reach Nelson's Dockyard in the English Harbour of Antigua on Monday, January 22.

The journey is part of the World's Toughest Row (Atlantic) challenge.

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The challenge is chronicled on their website (wavebreakers.co.uk) and social media pages, offering a glimpse into their extraordinary experiences, including birthdays celebrated amid the waves and encounters with marine life.

Katherine, the chief navigator of the WaveBreakers, aims to inspire her children and prove that ordinary individuals can achieve extraordinary feats with her incredible journey.

She said: "When the opportunity to apply for this challenge came, I couldn’t resist. It combines two things that have each played big parts in my life to date. I used to river row and cox, and I also have a great affinity for the sea, being lucky enough to spend many family holidays on the ocean in a motorboat. Unfortunately, no motors this time though.

"The physical and mental challenge of the crossing is enticing, the team work required is right up my street and the element of ‘survival’ was the tipping point – rowing ‘two hours on two hours off’ for 45 days, relying upon an on-board water desalinator, living off ration packs and becoming extremely accustomed to the entire back-catalogue of ‘Now That’s What I Call Music…’ sounds crazy and amazing."

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The trio's campaign, #YourPlanet, is dedicated to protecting the frontline victims of the climate crisis – vulnerable animal species and climate refugees.

With a goal of raising £140,000, which will be doubled by Vodafone, the WaveBreakers are channeling their efforts into supporting WWF and UNCHR.

Katherine's husband, Graeme Antrobus is currently awaiting her arrival in Antigua with their three children — Dylan, Archie and Esmé.