LABOUR is predicted to have a 'landslide' victory if an election was held tomorrow with Basingstoke losing it's Conservative seat, a new survey has suggested.

The 1997-style majority result is based on responses YouGov collected from 14,110 people who answered between Tuesday, December 12 last year and Thursday, January 4, this year.

It would see Keir Starmer enter Downing Street having secured a 120-seat majority with Labour winning 385 Commons seats, a 183-seat increase since the last election.

The Conservatives meanwhile would claim just 169, losing 196 seats compared to 2019.

YouGov predicts Basingstoke's Conservative seat, currently held by MP Maria Miller, would be lost to Labour.

Basingstoke Gazette: Maria Miller in parliament and outside Basingstoke hospital

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The question 'which party would you vote for if a general election were being held tomorrow' was put to Basingstoke residents and 32 per cent said they would vote Labour, while 30 per cent would go with Conservative.

Lib Dem would attract 17 per cent of voters while the Green party and Reform UK would receive nine per cent and 2 per cent would vote for 'other'.

The results show the nearby North East Hampshire seat, currently held by MP Ranil Jayawardena, would remain a Conservative seat getting 35 per cent of the votes.

Meanwhile the data shows just 18 per cent would vote Labour, 29 per cent Lib Dems, six per cent Green, 10 per cent Reform UK and two per cent would vote 'other'.

Basingstoke Gazette: Ranil JayawardenaRanil Jayawardena

The Multi-level Regression and Post-stratification (MRP) model was used to gather the data which is the same method that correctly predicted the 2017 and 2019 UK general elections.

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A spokesperson for YouGov said: "This model first estimates the relationship between a wide variety of characteristics about prospective voters and their opinions.

"It then uses data at the constituency level to predict the outcomes of seats based on the concentration of various different types of voters who live there, according to what the multilevel model says about their probability of voting for various parties."

Elsewhere in the country, the Green party would keep their single seat in Brighton Pavilion without making further gains but they come very close in Bristol Central at 38 per cent to Labour's 40 per cent. 

Maria Miller and Ranil Jayawardena have been approached for comment.

To view the YouGov report, including the full survey results, click here.