A BOWLS club in Basingstoke is undergoing a renovation to get ready for a new summer season. 

Howard Park Bowls Club has been based in St Andrew's Road since 1969, and currently has around 80 members.

The club began works at the beginning of January to relocate the women's changing rooms and toilets to utilise the interior space of the clubhouse better, and extend the size for games of indoor bowls through the winter.

The works also include relocating the men's changing room facilities, with the ladies' toilets also being upgraded thanks to a grant of £500 from Four Lanes Trust.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Works are underway at the bowls club to extend the interior space for a short indoor bowls matWorks are underway at the bowls club to extend the interior space for a short indoor bowls mat (Image: Mark Paine)

The works are expected to be completed at the start of February, ahead of the spring and outdoor bowls season. 

Club chairman Alan Tait said: "Getting this done is the last bit of the jigsaw. We've had all of the building redone, including a new kitchen, and this extension will help us to update the remaining facilities, and also ensure we have a good indoor space to play safely on the short mat, which is fantastic for the club.

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"Also this extension of the main room will allow The Pink Place, Basingstoke Speakers Club and The Mr Smith Band extra room when they come and use the building respectively through the week.

"We're very happy to be able to give them extra space and room for tables to use, and have nice facilities to use while they're here."

Howard Park Bowls Club is due to hold a number of open days throughout in 2024.

More information on Howard Park Bowls Club can be found at howardparkbowls.co.uk.