A PROPOSAL submitted by a Basingstoke resident to construct a new workshop and playroom near his home has been approved despite objections from parish council and neighbours.

The plan is to erect a building and create a new access arrangement, complete with new entrance gates on a corner plot where Southlea meets Farleigh Road in Cliddesden.

The application was taken to a development control committee meeting of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council on Wednesday, Janurary 10, following objections from Cliddesden Parish Council and neighbours.

The parish council, in its objection, said the detached new building would be 'at odds' with the Southlea row and the proposed building would be an overdevelopment of the site.

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Basingstoke Gazette: The proposed site in Cliddesden where the home workshop is plannedThe proposed site in Cliddesden where the home workshop is planned (Image: Public document)

“Access and parking arrangement should not be detrimental to the conservation area and should not lead to 'development creep' eroding the nature of the site,” the parish council said in its objections.

The borough council also received six letters of objection from neighbours, highlighting issues related to parking arrangements, the out-of-character nature of the new building, and its perceived impact on the area.

Despite these objections, planning officers recommended to the borough councillors that the plan be approved.

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They argued that the proposed development would feature an acceptable design and would not negatively impact the street scene or the character and appearance of the surrounding area.

Speaking at the development control committee meeting on Wednesday, January 10, Cllr Sven Godesen said: "None of the three borough councillors of this ward have been made aware of any concerns regarding this particular application. That being the case, I am happy to put it forward for approval."

None of the objecting parties attended the committee meeting, and Cllr Godesen's motion for approval was met with unanimous agreement from the committee members.