RESIDENTS have objected to plans which could see six new buildings at the controversial Oakdown Farm site in Dummer.

They say they are fearful about increased traffic and say the development could destroy "the serene" environment.

As previously reported, Newlands Developments have submitted plans to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council for the distribution hub on the land next to Junction 7 on the M3 after its previous scheme was thrown out by a planning inspector in December last year.

The updated proposals include eight units providing 920,000 sq ft of floor space, a reduction of over 80,000 sq ft from the previous plan and a proposed new roundabout that will be reduced in size.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Artistic impression of the new plans for Oakdown Farm

The largest building would provide 23,830 sq ft of floor space while the smallest would be 3,252 sq ft. A proposed new roundabout would also be reduced in size.

The council has now published comments from residents, with 18 of them objecting to the proposal at the time of writing on Monday, January 18.

Marion Higgs commented: "Our main objection concerns the high increase in traffic movements that such a development will cause. Even though the individual buildings are smaller, there will still be heavy traffic generated in the area and our concern is the amount that will use the A30, rather than the M3."

Hampshire county councillor Stephen Reid said he is concerned the proposed roundabout "does not take into account the traffic" that would be generated from the site.

John Barker, the developer's senior development director, said the roundabout has been designed to help with such concerns alongside the possibility that a new hospital could be built on the site.

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He said: "I understand that people have these views but I think data, the previous application and surveys prove that there is no issue on the A30 or on junction 7."

Other residents have shared concerns about what the proposal will mean for the environment.

Lee Shephard commented: "The serene and natural character of our countryside should be preserved, and the introduction of large-scale warehousing would undoubtedly disrupt the delicate balance of our environment. This warehouse project poses potential threats to the local ecosystem, including increased traffic, noise pollution, and the destruction of natural habitats.".

John told the Gazette that nine hectares of trees have been planned across the site. He previously said that he hoped residents would be pleased to hear that much of the site would be dedicated to green infrastructure.

He said that several sustainable initiatives have been proposed including solar panels and EV charging points across the site.

Other concerns brought to light by the objections include noise pollution, light pollution and water drainage in the area.

The Gazette put these concerns to John who said the developer doesn't "envisage" these as problems on an already 'noisy road'. He said: "We are absolutely certain that the proposal meets the needs of water drainage."

Shamus Henderson also commented adding: "It will also generate a huge amount of surface runoff water in an area that is already struggling to drain. The 24/7 light and noise pollution associated with this application will also be hugely detrimental to the village of Dummer."

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The Clean Air Green Environment (CAGE) group which was set up to oppose the Basingstoke Gateway proposals for a distribution hub shortly after they were first revealed has reacted to the application.

Basingstoke Gazette: Left to right; residents Julian Jones, Linda Robinson, Christine Northam, Jeffrey Northam and Jeremy GlynLeft to right; residents Julian Jones, Linda Robinson, Christine Northam, Jeffrey Northam and Jeremy Glyn (Image: Mark Paine)

A spokesperson said: "CAGE and its supporters are opposed to this third attempt by Newlands, the developers, to build a total of 8 warehouses (110 acres) on the Oakdown Farm site at junction 7 of the M3.

"This new plan will have a huge impact on the landscape whilst the increase in traffic (150 traffic movements per hour) will affect the environment. After a very costly public inquiry, in December 2023 His Majesty's Inspector rejected the developer's plan on landscaped grounds."

Despite these concerns, John added: "We are excited by this application and we absolutely believe it is materially different than the previous one and identifies the need that is in the local plan for this type of site. The jobs that this type of site brings are something that Basingstoke needs. We are hoping people support us with this."

To find out more about the application visit and use the application number 23/03120/FUL.