BASINGSTOKE MP Maria Miller is encouraging victims of the Post Office Horizon scandal to consider an appeal in the wake of ITV’s broadcast of Mr Bates vs the Post Office, a four-part drama charting the issue.

Between 1999 and 2015, more than 700 post office branch managers were wrongly handed criminal convictions after faulty Horizon accounting software made it appear as though money was missing from their outlets.

Since the start of the broadcasting, 50 new potential victims have contacted lawyers, including five who wish to appeal against their convictions.

The Basingstoke MP said she will also be urging the government to consider more action to ensure the victims get justice.

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She said: “I am concerned that many of the victims of the Horizon scandal, particularly more than 900 people who received criminal convictions including time in jail, will have little faith in the ability of the Post Office or even the criminal justice system to right the wrongs endured over the past two decades.

“Hundreds of those criminal convictions connected with the Horizon system are unchallenged. I will be urging the government to consider additional action to ensure those individuals get justice.”

She added that substantial compensation would be available for anyone whose conviction is overturned.

“There is free, independent, and confidential help and advice available for victims of the Horizon scandal,” she said.

“Both the government and the Post Office strongly encourage anyone who believes they were wrongly convicted, for any reason, to consider an appeal.  

“Substantial compensation is available for anyone whose conviction is overturned where Horizon was essential to the prosecution and people with convictions can contact the Criminal Cases Review Commission at who can advise on routes of appeal. This process doesn’t cost anything and there is no need to hire a lawyer.

“For more information, Citizens Advice has a dedicated webpage on how to appeal against convictions which can be found by following the link below.

“Any current and former postmasters affected by the scandal can apply to join the Horizon Shortfall Scheme and if you have evidence which might help the Inquiry, please contact

“The government has set up an independent inquiry under former High Court Judge Wyn Williams, to make sure that the truth about the scandal is known and that similar mistakes never happen again. I will follow this inquiry with interest.”

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