THE start of a new year will often have the notion of new beginnings and give many optimism, belief and energy to strive for new goals.

Many will find that consistency and perseverance can help achieve things but what is it you are trying to achieve? It’s amazing to have new goals or learn a new skill and strive to become a greater version of you. Instead, I would urge everyone to give that energy into becoming yourself. Your true self. In order to do that; it’s more important to look to the past than the future. Not to dwell on it but to go back to a time where you were at your happiest. In doing so; remember the things that made you laugh, be giddy with excitement or lose your breath and say “wow.” Many will perhaps have to go as far back as childhood but that in itself will tell you that somewhere along the line; you stopped following a dream or do the things that truly matter to you. Like every ideology; this does not apply to everyone.

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I’ve stated before that your roots matter; which applies to your culture but I also believe it applies to your identity as a character. You might have a skill, talent, vision or idea that could change the world. Not necessarily everyone else’s world but the world that matters. Yours.

It’s taken me almost 40 years to realise the path I should have taken some twenty years ago. This year, become yourself. Devote your time to be the greatest version of you. If that means you’re going to learn a language or be a better parent or partner; then fantastic. However, most of all; spend your time wisely by doing what you are passionate about. No one will give you time so create time in your life.

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We celebrate each day and each year yet they both have the same night and day and the same seasons. Sometimes the greatest things in life are the ones repeated over and over. Your biggest challenge will come from motivating and convincing yourself but also the only person that is important. Everyone else’s opinions and advice really do not matter.

Just remember that whatever time in your life you are at; it’s taken that long to get there; it may take just as long to get to where you want to be.