A DECADES-old tradition featuring the ‘curious story of Christmas’ will be performed on Boxing Day.

The Overton Mummers will act out the story called Christmas, the King and Battle, which includes the characters of King George, a doctor, a lawyer, and a Turkish knight, three times on Tuesday, December 26.

The Mummers will begin at Overton Community Centre at 12.30pm, continuing to the Old House at Home at 1pm and ending at the Greyhound at 2pm, with the performances raising funds for St Michael’s Hospice.

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The group has also recreated a photograph, published in 1932, of the group in Red Lion Lane, outside the home of former Mummer Alfie Bond, with his descendants, Sophie, and Flora, featured in the recent photo.

A group spokesperson said: “If you are in or around Overton, come and see us perform.”

“It’s got a bit of everything, for everyone - bright costumes, singing, humour, battles with sticks, audience participation, and some cheery seasonal messages!”