RESIDENTS have had their say on plans for a new hospital in Basingstoke, just days before the public consultation is due to begin.

As previously reported, the NHS in Hampshire has published details on its proposals to invest between £700m and £900m across the county into hospital services, as it plans to launch a 14-week public consultation in December.

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Those behind the project have now revealed their preferred option is to build a new hospital on land at Junction 7 of the M3, which would include the relocation of Basingstoke’s emergency department and maternity services, along with centralising some services across Hampshire.

The plans would see the creation of a new dedicated children’s emergency department at the new hospital and an obstetrician-led birthing unit alongside a midwife-led birthing unit.

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It would also include a neonatal unit to care for poorly babies, preventing families from having to travel to Southampton, as well as a cancer treatment centre.

Under the plans, services such as outpatient appointments, diagnostics, therapy services, and day-care surgery would continue from the current Basingstoke hospital site, while Winchester hospital would be upgraded to have a dedicated planned surgery centre.


The public will be asked to consider three options, with the first – option 1 - building a new hospital at the current site of Basingstoke hospital, in Aldermaston Road.

However, this option would cost £948m, compared to £807m for the ‘preferred’ option 2 to build a hospital at Junction 7 of the M3.

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A third option has also been added to the list, which is identical to option 2 other than having nurse-led rehabilitation beds at the current Basingstoke hospital site. This is expected to cost £860m.

Residents in Basingstoke have had their say on the proposed plans.

Lin Saunders said: "As I'm on this side of the town (Chineham), I would prefer to have the hospital nearer to where I am based, just for convenience. That said, I understand the trust also covers Winchester and Andover, so I expect the location at Junction 7 would be more practical."

Lynn Burgess, from Bramley, said: "With the cost implications of the hospital at the existing site, I don't see that as a feasible option. I think a completely new hospital at Junction 7 would be in everyone's best interest, especially the fantastic staff who work in our hospitals. It's a fresh start and exactly what is needed."

Basingstoke Gazette: Lynn BurgessBrenda Meakin and Len Austin live near Chineham and said they were concerned about the transport links to get to a new hospital if it were based at Junction 7 of the M3.

Basingstoke Gazette: Brenda Meakin and Len AustinBrenda said: "Len drives, but last year he broke his wrist and for several months I had to rely on public transport to get about, and it was a real challenge. 

"Public transport can be very unreliable, and I worry that by building the new hospital at Junction 7 it will make it difficult for lots of people relying on transport links to get to the hospital and receive the care they need."

Carol and David Adams live near the current hospital. Carol said: "Where we live, the hospital is nearby, so to see it move out to Junction 7 would be a pain, not just for ourselves but many who are this side of Basingstoke.

Basingstoke Gazette: Carol and David Adams"It's a shame really, when you think how much land surrounded the current hospital once upon a time. If they didn't build houses on that land then, they could have built the new hospital right next door to the existing one."