A BASINGSTOKE author has celebrated the release of his new book, adding to his pre-historic adventure series. 

Throughout 2023, David Pratt has plotted the downfall of dinosaurs by day, while reducing waste at his local supermarket into the evenings.

Since the release of the five-star rated Bladefoot in 2015, the 40-year-old has built up a growing fan base for his paleontological page-turners, now he has returned with the third part of his epic pre-history adventure, Bladefoot: Apocalypse.

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Basingstoke Gazette: Author David Pratt, 40, from BasingstokeDavid, who is a food reductions officer with Waitrose, said: “Bladefoot: Apocalypse follows the fortunes of Silver, a male Alaskan Troodon expelled from his family.

“He embarks on a dangerous journey to find a new tribe and is rewarded along the way, when he meets his life partner, Alyx. Many adventures ensue in their search for their own territory.

“They struggle as they encounter numerous dangerous situations, but will they be successful, and at what cost?”

Working twilight shifts in the shopping aisles has allowed the college graduate to carve out a successful sideline as a novelist.

The release of Bladefoot was heralded by fans, who described David's novel as ‘meticulously researched’, ‘dramatic’ and ‘well written'.

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The sequel, Bladefoot Evolved, released in 2017, continued the dramatic 65-million-year-old adventure series to further critical acclaim.

Not willing to give away any spoilers, David has not revealed if Bladefoot: Apocalypse is the concluding part of his series.

David has also produced a thrilling underworld series of books with the release of The Black Mamba and Shadow of the Black Mamba, and the edge-of-the-seat travelogue-thriller, African Sun Rising was also greeted with a string of five-star reviews.

David added: “African Sun Rising is based on my own experiences in Southern Africa, and follows the exciting, and unforgettable adventure of Benjamin Frost as he canoes down the Zulu river.”

For more information visit Amazon and search for David Pratt, where Kindle and paperback versions of Bladefoot: Apocalypse are available.