LANES are blocked, the traffic lights are covered and you can't even drive all the way round, but according to the county council work to a Basingstoke roundabout is ‘complete’ following almost two years of disruption.

On its website detailing the £20m Brighton Hill Roundabout project, Hampshire County Council says Brighton Hill Roundabout works are 'complete' and has posted saying the programmed works “are now completed”, adding: “We thank you for your patience”.

Basingstoke Gazette: According to HCC the Brighton Hill Roundabout is completeHowever, on December 5 the roundabout appeared to be far from finished with traffic lights still covered, a road closed, lanes blocked, bollards still up, and workers still on site.

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The programme of works detailed by the council shows that the final work was finished on November 28, which was in relation to utility and street lighting.

Basingstoke Gazette: A view of the 'completed' Brighton Hill RoundaboutA note at the bottom advises: “There may be brief periods where the traffic is temporarily halted with Stop/Go signs to carry out minor activities, such as line marking.”

Basingstoke Gazette: According to HCC the Brighton Hill Roundabout works are now complete

The council previously said that only “minor works” would continue during December, with the scheme “substantially complete” by November 30.

The work started in January 2022 to alleviate congestion, particularly because of future plans to build more homes in the town including at Manydown and at sites along the A30.

The scheme has been designed to support this growth, reduce journey times, and create an enhanced and safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians.

It includes widening and signalising the roundabout and adding additional capacity to its main arms.

The council was asked when the works will be complete and the roundabout fully operational. 

It responded to say: "The scheme was substantially complete by November 30."

It added: "There are still some remaining items of work to be completed this month. The new traffic signals are due to be in operation by December 11 when all lanes will be fully open."