MANY of us opened the first door on our advent calendars, whether it be chocolate, skincare, wine or even jewellery, but for those who haven’t picked up a calendar yet we’ve tested six and here’s what we thought.

The ones we tested were:

  • M&S Nativity Advent Calendar, 80g – originally priced at £2
  • Kinder Advent Calendar, 144g - originally priced at £6.65
  • Here Comes Christmas Advent Calendar- Santa & Friends, 50g - originally priced at £1
  • M&S Colin the Caterpillar Advent Calendar 207g - originally priced at £6
  • M&S Percy Pig Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar, 250g - originally priced at £6
  • Milkybar White Chocolate Advent Calendar, 85g - originally priced at £2.50

Here’s what we thought of them:

Lola Crossman, trainee multimedia reporter, said: “My favourite advent calendar was Colin the Caterpillar; however, it was expensive at £6. In comparison, the M&S Nativity Calendar tasted great and was good value for money at £2.25. The Percy Pig calendar looked brilliant, but the chocolate was fruit-flavoured, which I wasn’t a fan of. The Poundland one was horrible, and not worth a pound.

Mark Paine, reporter, said: “The calendars were quite good - my personal favourites were the Kinder and the Colin the Caterpillar. I would say of the six, the Kinder comfortably had the best-tasting chocolate, and the best size of individual chocolates from day to day, although the Percy Pig has the best 24th door. The Colin calendar also had very nice chocolate and actually reminded me of the taste of a caterpillar cake, which we all love.

“The M&S nativity was the next best chocolate for me and tasted the most like what I remembered growing up. The Poundland Here Comes Christmas calendar wasn’t great.

“The worst of the six for me was the Percy Pig, the chocolate was mixed with raspberry or something similar, and the texture of the chocolate was all over the place, and not something for me. That said, for someone who likes fruit with chocolate would very much enjoy it.”

Jemma, reporter, said: “The Kinder calendar was the best one by far not only is it the best-sized chocolate, but it also tastes the best.

"Coming in at a close second was Milky Bar and then the M&S Colin the Caterpillar calendar because they both taste nice and have nice designs.

"The worst one was the M&S Percy Pig one, which has a fruity flavour, not the traditional Christmas chocolate children would expect. The only good thing was you get a huge pack of Percy Pigs on the last door.

"The Here Comes Christmas Poundland one was also a disappointment, definitely not the best chocolate. The M&S Nativity scene would be ranked somewhere in the middle, okay but not the best but a lovely design on the front.”