The Met Office has warned that it may feel as cold as -6°C in Basingstoke tonight. 

Snow may not have fallen in Basingstoke today, but there's no doubt that it has been very cold. 

Unfortunately, it is not set to get any warmer, with the Met Office forecasting below-freezing temperatures for the town overnight. 

 Hampshire County Council started gritting the roads at 2pm on Thursday, November 30, ready for a frosty night. 

From 1am until 6am, it is forecast to be -2°C in Basingstoke but it is set to feel more than -6°C. 

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At 7am, the temperature is forecast to rise slightly to -1°C and it'll reach freezing at 10am. But, it will feel more like -5°C all morning on Friday, December 1. 

The full Met Office forecast reads: "Light winds with areas of fog and freezing fog clearing slowly through the day. Largely dry with sunny spells but feeling cold. Coastal wintry showers continuing. Maximum temperature 4 °C. 

"A cold weekend with some sharp frosts and a continued risk of fog. Generally drier Saturday. Perhaps breezier and cloudier from Sunday and maybe somewhat milder with rain possible Monday."