A TV star and charity founder has said the system is corrupt for NHS whistleblowers, following a sacked Winchester doctor’s decision to ditch legal proceedings.

Broadchurch actor Sarah Parish presented a £2,000 cheque to maternity consultant and obstetrician Martyn Pitman, raised by his supporting Facebook group, at a celebration at Winchester Rugby Club.

Ms Parish thanked her former consultant for saving her and her babies’ lives, which led to her and partner James Murray creating The Murray Parish Trust to support the work of Southampton Children’s Hospital.

The senior obstetrician decided to drop an 'unfair dismissal' claim one month after losing a case against Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) bosses at Southampton Magistrates Court.

The trust has maintained that his dismissal was down to "an irretrievable breakdown in relations" and had nothing to do with him whistleblowing. The trust says staff are actively encouraged to speak up when they have concerns.

Although Ms Parish didn’t expect Mr Pitman’s decision she believes has done the right thing.

Despite, the employment tribunal unanimously dismissing the Winchester doctor’s case Ms Parish says that “there is no way that he did anything wrong”.

Ms Parish, 55, said: “I know he is a real fighter and incredibly clever man so he must have thought it through to an inch of its life.

“The tribunal system is corrupt, there is no doubt and because of that there is no point. It would have been terrible for his mental health to carry on but we certainly haven’t heard the last of him.

“I have to care because someone like Martyn Pitman is fired from the job he is so brilliant at it leaves people in a position where they could get hurt as there isn’t going to be a Martyn Pitman to save their lives anymore.

“I’m sure I can speak for all his supporters. We all know Martyn Pitman and how brilliant he is. Hundreds of women have told incredible stories, there is no way that man has done anything wrong. All he did was speak up and try and make it better.

“They have lost the best obstetrician in Winchester.

“I will always support him in whatever endeavours. If I can help him, I will. I’m always here for him.”

Mr Pitman was the actor’s consultant for both her pregnancies at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester.

The first being in 2007 with Ella-Jayne. She was born with a congenital heart defect after an emergency caesarean section and died at just eight months old.

Ms Parish was pregnant again at 41 and was coming up to 34 weeks while working abroad when she felt something wasn’t right.

The actor believes it was thanks to Mr Pitman that she and her now 14-year-old daughter are alive and healthy.

Ms Parish was among many friends and family who gathered at Winchester Rugby Club on Saturday, November 25 to show their support for Mr Pitman.

The TV star, who’s known for shows such as ITV’s Bancroft, said: “It was a really good afternoon. Very emotional but full of love and support for Martyn, like I knew it would be. Martyn got to say what he wanted to say and it was really hard for him but in a way probably a huge relief that he can now turn this page of his life.”

The event raised around £300 for The Murray Parish Trust.